A subsidiary of the IONA Journal of Economics with the same objective 'to know the causes of things.' Every article is open to commentary and they are separated into the three categories below. Feel free to share with us your thoughts so we may engage in a mutually beneficial exchange.

The State

A global approach to politics

The Republic

An updated take on US political affairs and the Trump administration

The Report

A combination of our acclaimed series and special analyses of overlooked headlines


IONA WEEKLY is a synthesis of global headlines brought to your feed every Monday. Its range of topics include quarterly economic reports and indicators, breaking news, and political insights. Subscribe to get the weekly update delivered straight to your inbox.



Twice a month insights on the countries that frequently make headlines in our weekly updates, complete with data on GDP, imports and exports, population, form of government, and other interesting facts.



An overview of the relevant literary and cultural commentary being circulated among students, faculty, and citizens, as well as the home to IONA's hand chosen summer reading lists. Here, you will find not only books on the shelf of prominent UBC faculty members, but reviews of books read by the columnists and editors of IONA at large.

Head over here for the IONA summer reading list, with recommendations from UBC professors and staff editors.