Operations & Logistics (2017-18)


Lina Eraikat

Social and Public Relations Chair

Lina is a fourth year Economics major with a minor in International Relations. She has an interest in economic development and sustainability. Lina hopes to learn more about the role that education plays in economic development in developing societies. She joined the IONA Journal of Economics to learn more about theories of economic development and their application to the real world.



Lily Suh

Graphics and Design Chair

Lily is a second year student in the Bachelors of International Economics program. She has had experience with introductory graphic design, cover designs, and mural designs. Her passions lie in both art and economics. She is currently interested in trade policy and its effect on North America. She hopes to express the heavy topic of economics accurately through the use of semiotics and visual art.


Aurora Wang

Sponsorship and Finance Chair

Aurora is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of International Economics program, with a minor in Psychology. Her interest resides within the field of international banking and development economics. She is interested in the development of economic policies that allow governments to regulate and monitor cryptocurrencies in the current economic environment.

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