Editor In Chief


Mariam Nasser

Mariam Nasser is currently in her fifth and final year of her undergraduate degree, with a double major in Economics and Canadian Studies. Having worked as both a Junior and Senior Editor for the IONA Journal of Economics, she has been with the journal since its inaugural year. Through her work with the journal, she hopes to again showcase new and unique economic research while highlighting its relevance to all the issues in today's world. Motivated by a strong interest in public economics and Canadian governmental policy, she hopes to pursue graduate school and work for the Government of Canada in the future.


Managing Editor

Kavya Dinesh

Kavya is a third year student pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in Sociology. Her primary interest is in welfare economics and understanding how different players in the economy benefit from various government policies. She plans on pursing a graduate degree in Economics or Business Administration after graduation.



Senior Editors

Sara Cortes

Sara is in her third year of a combined a major in Economics and Mathematics, with a minor in International Relations. She has a keen interest in the global political economy, especially in the dynamics of economic growth and development. Her motivation for joining the IONA Journal of Economics is to further expand her knowledge of current economic affairs and join like-minded individuals. After her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue a Juris Doctor in Immigration Law.


Sarayu Kantheti

Sarayu is a fourth year student majoring in Economics with a minor in Commerce. She is passionate about economics and the manner in which its concepts manifest themselves into business and financial markets. Her long-term objective is to use economics as a bridge between the financial world and the needs of people, especially in the development space. As a Senior Editor for the IONA Journal of Economics, she hopes to contribute to the important practice of information sharing and the synthesis of popular opinions.


Peter Ki

Peter is a fifth year honours Economics and International Relations student who has a keen interest in development economics and social welfare. He is also passionate about the idea of entrepreneurship as a means of improving people's lives, whether in a micro or macro sense. After graduation, Peter plans to pursue an MA in International Affairs or an MPA with a heavier focus on economics.


Nicholas Mai

Nicholas is a fourth year major in Economics and Political Science, with a minor in Food and Resource Economics. His primary interests are in trade economics, specifically how multilateral free trade agreements and trade blocs develop in a globalized economy. He is also interested in sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, and resource extraction. After graduation, Nicholas wants to pursue a graduate degree.

Mina Sidhu

Mina is a third year student pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in Commerce. With deep interests in financial and welfare economics, Mina is interested in learning about the applications of monetary and fiscal policy in a way that can improve the lives of the lower and middle class. She is also interested in the topic of economic advancement and its different paths in developing countries. Upon graduation, Mina hopes to work in central banking.


Lauren Seibt

Lauren is a fourth year student pursuing a combined major in Economics and Political Science and a minor in Commerce. With a primary interest in international development, Lauren is always searching for ways for the global economy to tend to the needs to those at the bottom as much as it helps those at the top. She is particularly interested in using tools of micro-finance to assist in the development of undeveloped and developing countries without the use of government intervention.