February 26–March 5, 2017


Felix Tshisekedi will succeed his late father Étienne as the leader of the Congolese opposition, focused on removing current President Joseph Kabila from power. Opponents have criticised Kabila of repeatedly delaying elections to stay in power.

Germany and Tunisia have agreed on a deal to repatriate rejected asylum seekers. Germany will also contribute funding to job support and businesses for those returning. The deal was purported to have been made due to the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin last year, as the suspect was a Tunisian asylum seeker.


China has lowered the target for economic growth this year in its pledge to address its environmental issues.

Malaysia has ended visa-free entry for North Korean citizens after Kim Jong-nam was assassinated in the country.

North Korea has launched missile tests again, firing three off the Japanese coast.

Middle East

Israel officially decriminalized marijuana, where users will face a fine instead of charges.

Israeli police have begun removing residents out of illegally settled land in Palestine, after an order from the Israeli Supreme Court.


The European Parliament has voted to end visa-free travel for American citizens to EU countries.

The French Republican Party is preparing to oust presidential candidate François Fillon amid his scandal, where his wife was reported to have been paid under an unexisting job.

Seeing Russia as a growing military threat, Sweden has brought back military conscriptionNext year, potentially 4000 18-year old citizens may be called up.

The International Court of Justice will begin processing Ukraine’s request to end Russian support for separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to invoke Article 50 this month to withdraw Great Britain from the European Union. Complete exit from the European Union is expected to be in two years.

North America

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions faces calls to resign amid reports that he had communicated with Russian officials. Sessions had initially testified under oath that he did not make the communications.

Mexico has opened legal aid centres across the United States, designed to assist Mexicans if they are deported under Trump’s immigration policy.

South America

The International Olympic Committee is investigating the vote for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro among accusations of corruption from French prosecutors.

According to central bank data, the Venezuelan government only has $10.5 billion in cash remaining in its foreign reserves.