IONA Journal of Economics

Each year, the most outstanding work produced by undergraduate students in the field of economics and its related disciplines is selected to be featured in a new volume of the IONA Journal. With each paper collaboratively decided upon by a group of esteemed student editors and faculty members at the Vancouver School of Economics, the IONA Journal presents the most thought-provoking and rigorous research conducted by the school’s students.

Click the buttons below to download the PDF file of each IONA publication, in its entirety. The free access to information and the pursuit of interests lies at the core of IONA's being. 

VOLUME I. Published 2016

Featured topics: Ebola Epidemic, Mechanization, Renewable Electricity, Female Autonomy, Oil Prices, Trade Liberalization

VOLUME III. Published 2018

Featured topics: Financial Reform, Softwood Lumber Industry, Healthcare, Food Stamps, Refugees, Medical Decision Making, Online Dating

VOLUME IV. Published 2019

Featured topics: Mobile Broadband Investment, Contraceptive Access, Caste and Community Networks, Water Collection