This is IONA. Its history, while short, is marked with incredible tradition. Founded in exile, Iona has long stood for the development of learning within a context of the unconventional. This publication believes in tracing consequences to their origin(s) and uncovering the trail for public travel. 


The IONA journal of Economics Volume I

The Vancouver School of Economics is delighted to
support the launch of the student-led IONA Journal
of Economics. While the journal’s title pays tribute to
our new home—the historic Iona building, the building
itself was named for the monastic community in
the Scottish Hebrides. During the early middle ages,
the island of Iona was one of the greatest centres of
learning in Northern Europe, where invaluable documents
were produced and preserved. The IONA
Journal of Economics thus celebrates our new beginning
with the writing of emerging researchers while coincidentally
paying homage to millennia of learning and

- Thomas Lemieux, Director of the VSE


Happy the man who has been able to learn the causes of things and has trampled beneath his feet all fears, inexorable fate...
— Vergil, Georgics (Book II, Line 490)